Month: November 2017

The Long Dark on PS4

The Long Dark on PS4

Last year around Thanksgiving I stumbled upon a beta game called The Long Dark; a Canadian survival game where you basically micro-manage every aspect of your daily life.  There was no official release date and only PC and Xbox players were able to dance in the Sandbox.

To my great delight, in 2017 it indeed was released on Xbox, PC and PS4.  Happy dance!!

So, because I didn’t want to be hunted by hungry wolves and dying of starvation or hypothermia by myself, I recorded myself playing the game and dedicated it to my hiking/gaming long-time friend.

Adventure onward courageous Space Cadets 🙂

Becoming Edward Scissorhands

Becoming Edward Scissorhands

Want an easy way to make Edward’s scissor hands?  I’ve listed how I did it below – and I’m not a crafty person. So it’s simple and easy – nothing elaborate.

So I decided I would dress up as Edward Scissorhands this year. I have created a video and listed instructions on how I did it.

I’ve always loved his pale face and melancholy expression.  So, I thought I’d try and replicate it. Something different for me as I never dress for Halloween or All Hallows Eve as I like to say.

This was a fun project even though I hate crafting anything. I’m a painter, but most people think because I can paint, I should also be able to craft.  That’s just not so. Perhaps a few lucky people out there can do both and that is awesome.  But me, I hate crafting and look on enviously at some of the cutest ideas other people make with their hands.


My Edward Scissorhand’s costume wasn’t so bad however, and my disdain for crafting actually came in handy as I found the quickest and easiest ways to get the job done. My greatest concern was the scissor hands that trademark Edward’s character. Here’s how to do it:

1. Using any type of poster board, draw the blades varying the sizes between 8-10 inches in length. The thumbs are the exception at only an inch or two in length. Each blade should be at least an inch in width.

2. On one blade, add an oblong loop, oriented down from the top of the blade. This will be colored red and give the illusion of a scissor handle.  Once scored and folded you’ll see it sticks up, if oriented as directed above.

3. Paint the blades with gray, white and black acrylic paint. Nothing fancy at all, even poster board paint is fine.  I painted the whole area of the blade gray first, then painted white on one side of the blade and black on the other which gave them a sense of depth. The less perfect the better. You can simply paint them all gray if you wish.

4. After the paint has dried, cut out the blades. Then with the edge of a book, score the blades down the middle starting at the tip. Be careful when you get to the scissor handle, you don’t want to rip it off – though it’s easily taped or glued back on.

5. I had a pair of black winter gloves that I didn’t want to mutilate. So, I used black electrical tape which can easily be removed. Use the tape to fasten the blade onto the glove – I just wrapped it around a couple of times. The blades never fell off.

6. The wig, white face powder and suspenders I bought off of Amazon. The belt was a Goodwill find. The white shirt was purchased at a yard sale and the shoes and pants I already had in the closet.

7. The trick to the belt was cutting a turtleneck off to fit under the belt; this kept wearing it around the neck much more comfortable.  (Be prepared for offhand comments!) *laughing nervously*

Be creative and interpret character attributes in your own inspirational ways to create a great costume that’s fun to wear and people enjoy. Hope this helps in your character creating endeavors!

If you have specific questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below.

Time’s Railcar

Time’s Railcar

Time. It is the one thing that no human can stop.  The year 1906.  Was anyone thinking about the year 2000?  I find myself thinking only of 2040.  My mind doesn’t wander to the year 2100.


This peek into 1906 was just 4 days prior to the great San Fransisco earthquake and fire that devastated the city which had broken every building code in the books and nearly every home built of wood was burned to the ground.

It’s a feeling I can’t put my finger on when I watch this footage.  The music; the fact that I am being transported in a rail car, in 1906, down Market Street as newspaper boys, carriages, trollies all dart and cross over in some unseen syncopated rhythm. Upper class, working class, all real life – no Hollywood stuff – just real people 111 years ago, now gone, and I get to share an ephemeral ride with them all because someone decided to click the ‘on’ button. And that’s just it…

I know.  I already know that in 4 days, it’s coming for them. But now, in this illuminated flicker of time, they carry on, eating, dining and being married as the ancient scripture reads. They are doing what they do everyday; criss-crossing the rails between carriages, trollies, cars, bicycles; hitching rides, waving hello, curious folks, busy folks, high society and working class folk doing their thing, carrying on with the day’s tasks, making money selling newspapers and making their way forward, ever forward, all unknowing, all unsuspecting and without a clue what’s waiting for them down the rail car of time.  And it’s moving, that rail car, it’s moving all of us along. Their was no stopping it, it kept moving steadily and unswervingly towards the end of those 3 days until the morning at 5am on the 4th day.  And then…

It kept going, time that is, it kept moving along those rails, through the earthquake, through the fires, through the heartache and the pain it kept right on moving without stopping to mourn or rejoice or reflect or congratulate.  Through the year of 1906 and into 1907, through the confetti and the resolutions, through the wars and the peace treaties, the good decisions and the bad ones, the new technologies the new ways to save people and the new ways to kill them, through catastophic floods, volcanos, storms, through dreams broken and fulfilled it moved, steady until finally it would stop in 2000 – but it did not stop – and here we are now in 2017 and time is flowing past me, over me and through my fingers, my skin my heart my thoughts it flows through and leaves its mark on my face, my mind and my life.

Who’s going to be watching us on a digital playback in the year 2117?  With whom will we share our ephemeral existence somewhere down the railcar’s tracks, careening out before us into the future – who will meet us on our planes, in our cars, crossing our busy intersections at midday and say “they didn’t know – look at them – that it was coming for them in just a few days, see how they go about their lives with their dreams, their hopes, spending, eating, celebrating, mourning, working and being distracted by the joys and trials of life, look at them – and they didn’t know.”

Where does that put us on the rails of time?

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