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Becoming Edward Scissorhands

Becoming Edward Scissorhands

Want an easy way to make Edward’s scissor hands?  I’ve listed how I did it below – and I’m not a crafty person. So it’s simple and easy – nothing elaborate.

So I decided I would dress up as Edward Scissorhands this year. I have created a video and listed instructions on how I did it.

I’ve always loved his pale face and melancholy expression.  So, I thought I’d try and replicate it. Something different for me as I never dress for Halloween or All Hallows Eve as I like to say.

This was a fun project even though I hate crafting anything. I’m a painter, but most people think because I can paint, I should also be able to craft.  That’s just not so. Perhaps a few lucky people out there can do both and that is awesome.  But me, I hate crafting and look on enviously at some of the cutest ideas other people make with their hands.


My Edward Scissorhand’s costume wasn’t so bad however, and my disdain for crafting actually came in handy as I found the quickest and easiest ways to get the job done. My greatest concern was the scissor hands that trademark Edward’s character. Here’s how to do it:

1. Using any type of poster board, draw the blades varying the sizes between 8-10 inches in length. The thumbs are the exception at only an inch or two in length. Each blade should be at least an inch in width.

2. On one blade, add an oblong loop, oriented down from the top of the blade. This will be colored red and give the illusion of a scissor handle.  Once scored and folded you’ll see it sticks up, if oriented as directed above.

3. Paint the blades with gray, white and black acrylic paint. Nothing fancy at all, even poster board paint is fine.  I painted the whole area of the blade gray first, then painted white on one side of the blade and black on the other which gave them a sense of depth. The less perfect the better. You can simply paint them all gray if you wish.

4. After the paint has dried, cut out the blades. Then with the edge of a book, score the blades down the middle starting at the tip. Be careful when you get to the scissor handle, you don’t want to rip it off – though it’s easily taped or glued back on.

5. I had a pair of black winter gloves that I didn’t want to mutilate. So, I used black electrical tape which can easily be removed. Use the tape to fasten the blade onto the glove – I just wrapped it around a couple of times. The blades never fell off.

6. The wig, white face powder and suspenders I bought off of Amazon. The belt was a Goodwill find. The white shirt was purchased at a yard sale and the shoes and pants I already had in the closet.

7. The trick to the belt was cutting a turtleneck off to fit under the belt; this kept wearing it around the neck much more comfortable.  (Be prepared for offhand comments!) *laughing nervously*

Be creative and interpret character attributes in your own inspirational ways to create a great costume that’s fun to wear and people enjoy. Hope this helps in your character creating endeavors!

If you have specific questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below.

Doing Things God’s Way

Doing Things God’s Way

I’m not trying to get my way in the world’s way. I’m trying to get your way your Word’s way. I’m staying on your trail; I’m putting one foot in front of the other. I’m not giving up. -Psalm 17:4-5 The Message

Aligning your way with God’s way doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams and aspirations. Many of us work because it’s necessary, not because we find it deeply fulfilling. Do you ever find yourself pausing at your desk or while you’re waiting at the dock for a shipment to be loaded on your truck and think surly there is something else I could be doing with my time that is more productive and gives me greater satisfaction than this. We’ve all been there. You may find yourself there right now.

But have you ever thought how you might take a step away from your current life and towards the one you always hoped for?  At this point is where we let our current reality dissuade us from making that first step. We get overwhelmed with questions of how and what to do about it. You may have family or financial strain that pops your dream like a frail soap bubble. One moment here, the next moment non-existent.

So we tend to start looking for the quickest way out because frankly, it just seems easier. And sometimes that’s addiction, sometimes it’s going numb and just doing the daily routine without thinking.

Get rich quick schemes that sound so legit, gambling and maybe even opting for crime. The world’s way is always going to seem easier and let’s face it, somebody has to win the lottery, right? But going the world’s way is never successful or fulfilling – especially when we are serving God. God’s ways are legit and so much more rewarding. Are they harder? You bet.

You have to dig down into yourself and pull up answers that you don’t want to wrestle with – the whys and hows of your current situation. It’s hard to look at our mistakes and own them. But sometimes that’s where we have to start – humbling ourselves before God and saying ‘I thought I knew the way, but I was wrong’.

God is always listening and ready to help. He never rubs mistakes in our face or makes us pay. Sin has consequences but God has answers! He will move on your behalf, he even states

Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give people in exchange for you, nations in exchange for your life. – Isaiah 43:4 NIV

This is how much He values you! It is nearly unfathomable for us to understand his love. Not even the Apostle Paul could do it:

…that you may be able to comprehend what is the width and length and depth and height—to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. -Ephesians 3:17-19 NKJV

If you are ready to begin stepping out of a life that is unfulfilling and into God’s life that is waiting for you, then He is ready to meet you at the crossroads. Pray diligently for direction, for knowledge and for the courage to begin the journey. Remember, small steps are all you need to start out.  Prayer is God’s way of moving on this earth. Don’t neglect this powerful intimate time with God to exact change in your life.


If you have questions or need direction on how to begin to make a change, don’t hesitate to contact me. Leave a comment or email me – you can also reach out on social media like Linked In or Google+. 

Love will get you to where you need to be~


If God Gave You A Gift

If God Gave You A Gift

We can get overloaded with life’s daily duties and not realize how quickly our time here is passing. It’s as if our list of obligations dictate to us how and what our lives are going to be like every minute of the day. And we can be so tired by the end, that we flop into bed without another thought and hope to sleep through the night. (Sometimes if things are really stressful, even a good night’s sleep is difficult to achieve.)

We slumber through our days without realizing that God has a purpose for us. He has a purpose for you. We get what we focus on the most – ever heard that you veer your car in the direction your eyes are going? Same concept here. If we are only focused on getting the next thing on our list checked off, we are stifling our creative side, our own dreams and hopes. The time we spend getting to know and understand what God has called us to and just who we are in Christ is precious. It’s like spending dinner with your family around the table so everyone can talk and share about their day. It’s bonding time, learning about each other and growing together.

We also need time like this to reflect on God and on our own heart’s desire whether it is something creative like painting, or starting that business you’ve been dreaming about for years (if only you weren’t so busy) or turning your hobbies into something more profitable. How much more fulfilled would we be if we pursued and worked at what we loved to do the most?

There are many things that can set you on the path to a more happy and fulfilled life, and the foremost step to achieving this is spending the extra time to get to know God, His word, and who you are in Him. Searching His word and understanding that there’s so much more to life than just the daily grind is a great place to start. God should always be the place from which we branch out in anything – He is our firm foundation. Then we can add on His foundation with confidence.

“If God gives you something you can do, why in God’s name wouldn’t you do it?” -Stephen King

Think about this for a moment. All good things come from God. What has he given you that perhaps you have forgotten about? Something that you are good at doing but maybe you thought it was a small thing of no real significance. What small thing have you always enjoyed doing but you never have time to do it? Could it be that this is the gift God has given you? That this one small (or large) thing could be the key to changing your life and being happier for it?

So I hope you take some thought of these things and begin to think about how you can take control and not let you schedule dictate your life to you; but instead dedicate a portion of your time each day to learn and to reach out and pray God’s will in your life so you can begin to direct your focus on what He is calling you to do.  Search your heart for what truly matters to you and don’t be afraid to begin pursuing it.


If you have questions or need direction on how to begin to make a change, don’t hesitate to contact me. Leave a comment or email me – you can also reach out on social media like Linked In or Google+. 

Love will get you to where you need to be~

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